J.R.R Tolkien in his essay “On Fairy Stories” describes the moments of joy found in fantasy as “glimpse[s] of the underlying reality or truth.” To him, fantasy is a doorway to discover more about our world.

All good literature holds a similar power. Every book we read carries the potential to teach us, through both what is said and what is left unsaid. The stories which surround us may act as an escape at times, but the best of them point us back to real life. They steady us, remind us of beauty or hope or perseverance or even of the darkness we must face, and then they send us home again. And we reenter the world carrying with us that glimpse of something real.

This blog is dedicated to finding those moments of truth in written works. Through articles and book reviews, we’ll seek to uncover the gems resting within all literature, from picture books to poetry and everything in between.

This blog is a place where a love of books can reignite a love of life by reminding us what life is really about.