Puddle Pug

Puddle Pug: A Picture Book On Mud and Friendship

Puddle Pug by Kim Norman was originally published in 2014, but I only recently came across it. This precious gem of a picture book is now a top favorite of mine. Not only is the story utterly adorable, but it’s also a lovely reminder of the wonder of friendship.

Percy the Pug loves puddles but has yet to find the perfect one. Then one morning, climbing under a fence, he finally sees the puddle of his dreams! Squishy and cool and muddy, this paradise of a pond has the one thing all other puddles lacked: friends.

The trouble is that Momma pig doesn’t want Percy playing with her piggies. She sends him away from the pigs’ puddle again and again, no matter how many times he tries to sneak back. She doesn’t change her mind until at the end of the story, when Percy manages to save the day and win her over with an act of kindness.

This sweet story pairs charming illustrations by Keika Yamaguchi with Kim Norman’s rhythmic  and engaging voice. It’s a delight to read from start to finish, with a message that will leave you with a smile.

In our hectic lifestyles, sometimes we need to be reminded that there are few treasures sweeter than friendship.

The one thing missing in all of Percy’s puddles is someone to share his fun with. Without a friend, none of his puddles can ever be quite perfect. And although the Momma pig is distrustful at first, she comes to welcome Percy as warmly as her own little piggies. When she does, Percy’s joy and contentment shine through and warm the heart of the reader.

As adults, it can be easy to get lost in our own routines. It’s easy to fall into patterns of busyness, to the point that we forget one of the greatest joys in life is simply the pleasure of sharing our experience with others.

Every day, we have opportunities to show love and to receive love in return, and yet all to often, we instead wall ourselves off. Like Momma pig, we make the mistake of not opening up to the chance for new friendships, and we neglect the friendships we have.

What we need to remember is that the sweetest moments in life are the ones we share.

So I challenge you this week to reach out to someone, whether it be a friend you haven’t heard from in a while, or a coworker you’ve been meaning to get to know, or the barista behind the counter at your local coffee shop. Take just a moment to share a smile with someone else.

(If you’d like to hear the story of the Puddle Pug, check out this read-aloud with Shannon Tang. And then go find a copy for your shelf. It’s definitely worth it!)


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