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Book-A-Month Challenge: Campfire Stories

June’s Book-A-Month Reading Prompt: Read a Story For the Campfire–

June is a month of nights beneath the stars, making it a wonderful time for stories meant to be told aloud. Campfire stories usually include old legends and ghost stories– anything with an eerie, mysterious, or adventurous tone.

This past weekend, I took my brother to Crybaby Bridge in Anderson, SC for his birthday outing. He wanted to see this supposedly haunted site. In the daylight, the bridge hardly seemed the locale for congregating spirits. Blue skies formed the backdrop for the vibrant trees and cheerful birds. We spotted butterflies, a turtle, and even a fox, but no sign of a ghost. Ah well.

I’m always amazed by how ghost stories captivate the human ear. We can’t help but be fascinated by myths and legends. Tales of old pirates with their treasure or creatures stalking the woods weave through generations of storytellers. And even if not a soul truly believes a translucent woman paces across the local bridge, it will forever be called haunted. People like their local history. Who cares whether the legends are true or no?

I think local-ness is the key to great campfire stories. We don’t want to hear about the yeti way over in Asia while making s’mores. We want to hear about Bigfoot tromping through our hills. The stories behind local landmarks, or our own family history, or the tales of a stranger who came through years ago make the best campfire stories. Those tales get passed down through generations more than any others.

So in celebration of the start of s’more season, pick up a good campfire book. A ghost story, a book of legends or folklore, or re-tellings of fairy tales. The kind of stories you could see a grandfather sharing with little tots around the fire, with his pipe in hand.

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