Reading Prompt: Time

Book-A-Month Challenge: Feburary Reading Prompt

Our Reading Prompt for February is:

Read About Time and Its Complications–In honor of Leap Day, find a book that deals with the passage of time in unique way. 

To help you find a book this month, I’ve compiled a list of a few novels which deal with time as an important plot element.

  1. Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card–In this science fiction novel, you’ll follow characters with unique gifts involving the flow of time. The past is linked to the present through streams of color that only Rigg can see. These streams, when followed with the help of a friend, allow Rigg to turn back time. This fast-paced, unique book is filled with secrets and mysteries that’ll keep you reading after midnight.

  2. The Transall Saga by Gary Paulsen–Part Sci-Fi, part survival story, this book offers the reader a surprising otherworldly setting. Though most of the book focuses on the action-packed adventure, time travel will play an unexpected role in the story.

  3. The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens– This fantasy novel follows three quirky siblings on the adventure of their lives. Magic books and underground battles fill the pages as the children travel through time and end up on a quest to save the world.

  4. The Time-Keeper by Mitch Albom– I haven’t actually read this one, but Novelist Plus describes the book like this: “Given one last chance at redemption, Father Time, the inventor of the world’s first clock, must teach two earthly people the true meaning of time–a journey that leads him to a teenage girl who is about to give up on life and a wealthy businessman who wants to live forever.”

  5. She Walks These Hills by Sharyn McCrumb– This Appalachian novel follows the narrative of several characters in a Southern town. An escaped convict tries to find his way home. A sheriff tries to solve a murder. A graduate student sets out to understand the mysterious death of a girl in 1779. As each narrative weaves together, history seems to repeat itself. The secrets of the past enter the light when the mysteries of the present reveal themselves.

I know most of these novels are science fiction or fantasy, but I hope they help give you inspiration. If you’re having trouble finding a book you like for this reading prompt, try checking out Goodreads. Or, try out Novelist Plus, which lets you type in key words, preferences, and even shows read-alikes for your favorite authors.

Once you find a book, I hope you’ll share in the forum or in the comments what you’re reading!




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